A guide to using the features of SureWash.Net
What is the SureWash Reporting Suite?
The SureWash Reporting Suite is a new addition to SureWash.Net that gives you comprehensive, cutomizable views of your SureWash training data.
The Reporting Suite feature provides a variety interactive web-based reports that capture different metrics and provide the ability to export your data in different formats, or drill-down to see more detailed views.
Filtering Report Data
At the top of each Report View there is a set of dropdown selection tools that allow the user to filter the data they are shown based on their different SureWash kiosks, staff departments, staff roles, and date range for which their data will be queried.
Once you have set the drop-down list for each filter criteria to your liking, click the 'Apply' button and your Report View will be reloaded with new data based on your filters.
Exporting a Report
Each Report View can be exported into different formats for printing, archiving, or further processing. At the top right corner of each Report View there is a 'Excel Report' button and a 'Export PDF' button. Pressing 'Export PDF' on any page will output a printable-PDF version of the filtered report data you had loaded. An exported PDF of the 'Management Report View' is shown below.
The 'Excel Report' button will generate an Excel Report that encapsulates all of your SureWash data. The generated Excel report will be downloaded in your browser.
Management Report
The Management Report is the top level view of your SureWash training data. It is intended for the hospital/facility management, showing high-level analytics and key stats - such as how many staff members trained, which departments trained the most, and what is the average pass rate among staff.
Each of the graphs on the Management Report can be expanded by clicking the graph's heading, allowing the user to drill down into the graph data and see more detail.
Infection Control Report
The Infection Control Report View is intended for the Infection Prevention & Control Nurse, or whoever is acting as the on-site SureWash administrator. It provides a more detailed breakdown of kiosk usage, staff roles, and the hand hygiene poses which most users passed/failed.
The Infection Control Report View exported as a PDF:
Learning Progress Report
The Learning Progress Report is intended to help SureWash administrators track the learning progress of their userbase over time and view the learning curve towards Level 5 competency.
User Breakdown
The User Breakdown View lets the user hone in on their userbase to see which users have assessed and which users have not. , which users have achieved the various different hand hygiene difficulty levels, etc. The filters can be used to restrict the User Breakdown view to various departments/roles as desired by the user.
SureWash Pocket
For SureWash.Net users who are signed up for SureWash Pocket this view incorporates all of the data accumulated from training sessions conducted on their staff-base's smartphones and smart devices.

If you are not signed up for SureWash Pocket and would like to learn more, you can click here.
Quiz Reports
The Quiz Report View lets you track the performance of your staff in relation to the micro-learning quizzes installed on your kiosk. This Report View provides a high-level overview of quiz performance, but per-quiz results can be obtained by clicking on each of the quiz summaries(shown below)
This will load a new page showing your staff results for the selected quiz:
With a detailed breakdown of how your users answered each question in the quiz:


The SureWash Content reator is a tool which allows you to create your own personalised quizzes lessons and for use on SureWash training kiosks.
Lessons can be used to enhance the knowledge of your hospital staff, visitors, and patients on topics relating to protocols, the spread of infections, or any other issues of your choice. Quizzes can be used to test this knowledge.
When finished creating quiz, your quiz can be installed onto your kiosk either via an automatic transfer(if your kiosk has a WiFi connection) or by downloading and manually installing onto your kiosk using your SureWash USB key.


Question Guidelines
We recommend 8 - 10 questions with multiple choice answers. There can be more questions than this in the quiz and 8 - 10 will be randomly asked each time.
There may be 2 - 5 answer options for each question, however there can only be one correct answer.
There should be no reference to previous questions - the questions rotate in random order. Furthermore, there should be no 'all of the above'-type answers, since the answers are rotated in random order each time a quiz is taken on a SureWash unit.
How to Create a New Quiz
To create new quiz, navigate to the 'QUIZ CREATOR' section from the homepage. You will see the Quiz Setup screen, in which you are prompted to provide some configuration settings for the quiz.
After finishing the quiz setup and clicking the 'Proceed' button, you may begin creating questions and and corresponding answer sets.
When satisfied that you have written all of your desired questions, ensure that your SureWash USB is inserted into the computer and click the 'Download' button to download a zip folder from your web browser, containing the quiz files.


Once you have finished with quiz creation/editing there are 2 ways to get the quiz files onto your SureWash kiosk:

  • Online Update: If your kiosk is connected to a WiFi network and configured to use SureWash.Net, you can click the 'Send to SureWash' button and your quiz will be pushed to SureWash.Net over the web.

  • Offline Quiz Install: If your kiosk is not connected to a network, you can create your quiz on SureWash.Net and download to your SureWash USB stick. Press the 'Download' button and then locate the quiz file in your computer's Downloads folder. Move the .zip quiz file onto your SureWash USB key(do not extract/unzip the file). Now plug the USB key into your kiosk, log in as an administrator and import the quiz as normal.


The SureWash Lesson Creator tool allows you to convert PowerPoint slideshows into a format which can be displayed on your SureWash kiosk so that you can present your users with micro-learning modules to enhance their knowledge on relevant topics.
Note that the powerpoint file which you upload must be of type .ppt (not .pptx). The Lesson Creator will not work with .pptx files at present. If you have a .pptx file that you wish to upload you must first convert it to .ppt. To do this, open your file in PowerPoint and click 'Save As...' and save it to the type 'PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation (*.ppt)'.


After uploading your PowerPoint file to SureWash.Net, a .zip file will downloaded to your PC, containing a correctly-formatted SureWash Lesson file. To install the Lesson on your SureWash kiosk, copy the .zip file to the root folder of your SureWash USB key. Insert the USB stick into your SureWash machine, login to it as administrator and go to administrator settings. Here, you will find a 'Lesson' settings tab which will give the option to upload the lesson from your USB key.
Getting Your SureWash Data Onto the Web
There are two ways to get the usage data(user accounts, hand hygiene sessions, quiz sessions) from your SureWash kiosk onto your SureWash.Net account:

  • Active Connection: If your kiosk is connected to a WiFi network, your SureWash data will be pushed to SureWash.Net once per day, as long as your kiosk is powered on.

  • Offline Data Upload: If no WiFi network is available, you can manually push your SureWash data to the web by logging into your kiosk as an administrator, plugging in your SureWash USB and clicking 'Export data for SureWash.Net'. Note: This button is only available if your SureWash kiosk is upgraded to version or above.

    This will create a .zip file that contains a backup of your SureWash data. You can now upload this data to your SureWash.Net account by navigating to the Analytics page and clicking on the 'Offline Data Sync' button.

    For detailed instructions, see our PDF guide.


The Certificates section allows you to certify the level of competence achieved on SureWash by your staff.
You can issue a certificate to users based on role, department, date range, or by manually entering the user IDs. Each certificate will be outputted as a printable PDF file.


If your SureWash system is online, you can use this feature to import new users onto your system.
Note: this feature will only work if your SureWash kiosk has been configured for SureWash.Net and is currently powered on and connected to your WiFi network.
You can add users by importing from a .CSV file, or by manually entering their details.
If you are importing from a CSV file(this method is quicker and more suitable for cases when you have a larger amount of users to add), you can find instructions on how to format the CSV file, along with a CSV template file, in the 'Users' section.